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Diplomat FT-2000 power pinout

Looking at charger's plug: upper left pin 14V, upper right: 18V, bottom: GND

ESCOM 386SX laptop power plug pinout

Looking at laptop's socket: upper left pin 16V (with battery: 16.75V), lower left: GND, lower right: ??? (with battery: 16.50V)

RS/6000 7011 model 220 PSU connector


Halikan LA5040 power connector (standard 5-pin DIN, MIDI/keyboard plug, etc) (looking at male socket on the laptop)

1   5
 2 4

1: 18-20V (16V is not enough)
4: GND

Halikan LA5040 battery connector (at laptop's battery cable)

red: 18V
yellow: GND

Compaq LTE 2690A power

(on the back of the laptop) Upper right pin: 5V, lower left pin: GND

Mini 286 PSU

(plug of PSU, pins counterclockwise starting from upper-left) GND 5V, 5V, 6V, -6V

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