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:: 2019-06-06 15:31:09

I've read through Expanse: Tiamat's Wrath , and holy shit was it bad.

It has started in Persepolis Rising of course. These two books are basically replies to Trump's election, with the impotently raging authors simply headcanoning their fantasy resistance against the results of a democratic election, complete with sentences like "This was the problem with thousand-year Reichs. They came and went like fireflies." Also mind descriptions like these: "Four men, two women, and one person who could be any gender or none ... The youngest stared back with a fierce rage that looked entirely out of place on their beautiful, genderless face. "Better to die a free Belter than live a slave," the young one said. They (sic!) had a singer's voice, high and clear."

The series were of course always full of liberal moralization over artificial feelsies not to mention the TV show which put the source material into high gear and went full-on SJW after season 1 (maybe 1.5-2), but the butthurt levels manifested in this latest iteration are so sad, and the story is so nonexistent that I was soon flipping through pages, barely skimming through interactions just to avoid wasting too much of my time.

As for the otherwise incredibly boring plot (and don't you worry about no spoilers, these books are worthless), the main characters magically become the whole OPA (and the leaders of every navy ever), and go on waging a terrorist war on the rest of humanity because they didn't like the... bloodless regime-change. The process will of course require even more human sacrifices just to change the leaders back to the old, more diverse one. Somehow everybody is on board with this, because WE are good and THEY are EVIL! NAZIS! Patriarchy not allowed! Male characters are completely neutered, sidelined from power and killed in the usual Game of Thrones fashion, with the exact same results. Trump's empire is naturally exterminated - by wymyn, mind you - because his unbeatable WHITE MALE fleet was so stupid they not only didn't guard the only chokepoint (wormhole) into their system, but "somehow" forgot to simply move there and easily capture it during the "climactic" "battle" at the end, which would have instantly cut the terrorists from their supplies. The authors even - inexplicably - emphasize how their "war of attrition" equipped with mediocre, underpowered ships could only work because of the support of all the "gate network". I guess we can strike out logistics, time of travel and all those other pesky factors which together consist realism. No matter, the target just sits back and only tries to dodge anyway. Have sex, incels!

1/10 you made me read. Also downloader's regret.

Afterwards I was introduced to Peter F. Hamilton's "Salvation" which was what the fuck am i NOT reading please kill my eyes

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